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January 2010 – January 2016

Director Health Partners and Shareholder Nozala Health Partners
Turn-Key Hospital design, development, project management and commissioning
Developed the Kiaat and Mthatha Private Hospitals – Turn-Key March 2008 - Current Managing Director: Turaco Projects
Established a Company providing Consulting Services in Healthcare planning, design and development
as well as project management.


Network Healthcare Holdings Ltd

POSITIONS HELD: General Manager: Netcare Properties
Director Netcare: Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Director Netcare: Hospital Management (Pty) Ltd

Managed the Netcare Group's R10bn Property Portfolio
Completed over 2500 building projects to the value of approximately R3bn in 10 years. All highly successful and
achieving magnificent quality.
Property administration and Finance, Legal, Leases, Capex Budget, Project budget, reporting.
Managing a tight-knit, highly skilled in-house team including two project managers, a four person property
administration department and two interior stylists, co-ordinating more than 30 teams of professional consultants,
including 10 firms of Architects, whose services span all the disciplines involved in developing hospitals and related
structures. Over the years, strong relationships have been developed with a select set of suppliers, including
architects (as primary agents), contractors, builders, quantity surveyors, town planners, consulting engineers,
landscapers and decorators. Without exception, I remained accountable for ensuring that the full range of services
was delivered to the client's satisfaction.
Having completed a large number of diverse projects, ranging from renovations and alterations to full-scale hospital
development, I have the knowledge and expertise to offer a complete turnkey service to the healthcare industry,
both locally in Southern Africa and abroad.
Of my greatest achievements by far are the Blaauwberg and Ballito Hospitals, lauded by many as raising the Bar in
Healthcare Design


• Establishment of Client Relationships and Brief
• Survey of all Existing Structures and Requirements
• Feasibility Studies, Planning and Programming
• Management of Design Team
• Management of Information Flow
• Co-Ordination of Management of Relevant Meetings
• Progress Monitoring and Reporting
• Budget Control in Liaison with PQS
• Management Reports and Meetings
• Adjudication of Tenders
• Co-Ordination of Quality Requirements and Control







February 1988 – August 1994

Department - Tendering and Estimating

Title - Junior Foreman

Project - Kandaspunt prison

Project Value - +/-R16 Million

Duties - site establishment, storm water setting out, laying foundations and foundation brickwork

Duration – February 1988 to December 1988



January 1989 - July 1989

Technicon T3 diploma




Project - Kandaspunt Prison

Project value - +/-R16 Million

Duties - supervision of 40 bricklaying sub-contractors, take off’s for painting, organising payments. Concrete team - setting out, preparing, laying of storm water and concrete to surface beds.  General supervision on site.

Duration - July 1989 - July 1990



July 1990 - December 1990

Technicon T4 diploma



Project - Pebblebrook Holiday Farm & Small Garage.

Project Value - +/-R400 000.00 – (first project on my own)

Duties - estimate take off’s, drawing up bill, obtaining quotes and submitting tender for approximately R800 000 project. Proceeded with construction as foreman and the successful completion of the project.

Duration - January 1991 to July 1992


Project - Wild Coast Sun

Project Value - +/-R30 Million

Junior Site Agent

Duties - Completion of training centre, workshop and security offices as well as the new entrance bridge tunnel supervision of sub-contractors, Structural steel, formwork and Concrete.  Project was successfully completed on time and well below contract tender sum.

Duration - July 1991 to December 1991


Project – Wild Coast Sun - Site Agent On

Phase’s 2 - 4, Refurbishing existing hotel and casino.  Project value +/-R105m

Duties - Project entailed the complete.  Renovation of the casino, all the main foyers and restaurants at the wild coast sun.  With careful management and precise  planning we had to demolish and Rebuild the casino and hotel while it remained fully operational.  We worked 24 hours around

The clock for more than a year.  Included management of all Specialist sub-contractors, solving

Difficult details, co-ordination between Hotel management and construction, Ensuring costs were kept at a minimum as well as general site agent duties.

Project was completed successfully on time and +/- R10 Million profit on contract tender sum.

Duration - January 1992 to December 1993


Project - Allison Trust - Shopping Centre/ Primary School

Project value - +/-R4 Million

Site Agent and Foreman

Duties - Site agent and general foreman, as well as extensive liaison with tenants and owners contract was completed on time and well within contract tender sum.

Duration - January 1994 to August 1994


Project - Margate Lifesaving Club

Project value - +/-R4 Million

Site Agent and Foreman

Duties - This project involved the construction of a new lifesavers facility on the main Beach of Margate (Natal South Coast).  Building on the beach is extremely sensitive and construction had to be precise and accurate.  Founding details were intricate.  Extensive liaison with the public and

Conservationists were ongoing.  Contract was completed on time and well within contract tender sum.

Duration - September 1994 to June 1995


Project - Alusaf Housing - Richards Bay

Project value - +/- R12 Million

Assistant Site Agent

Duties - Was called in to assist with this project as it was in dire straits.  Re-programmed the works successful management and Co-ordination enabled the successful completion of the project on time and within the contract tender sum.

Duration - July 1995 to September 1995



September 1994 to December 1997

Project - Bluff Medical Centre

Project value - +/-R4 Million

Duties - Project was in dire straits, took control over the Professional Team.  Programmed the works.  Successful management and co-ordination of all specialist and medical equipment.  Co-ordination and determination enabled the successful completion of the project on time and within budget.  The project was later dubbed the flagship of Medicross Clinics

Duration - September 1995 to December 1995


Project - Kwa-Zulu Natal Stations upgrade

Project value - +/- R35 Million

Formed joint venture partnership with a previously disadvantaged company namely Altak & Partners

The project entailed the complete upgrade of four railway stations in the townships around Durban utilizing small emerging black contractors.

Duties - Full design input with the Architect ensuring maintenance free designs  programming of the works.  Professional appointments, incl. A pip. (Public Involvement Person).  Negotiations with the local black forums was the order of the day.  Extensive and often exhausting.  Preparing of tender docs, tenders, awards, project management of the works as well as full co-ordination and management of the professional team.  Preparing and presenting monthly project management reports to the client.

Permanent Site Supervision and Assistance to the main contractor was required.  All 4 station projects were successfully completed on time and within the budget

Duration - November 1995 to November 1997


Project - Malvern Medical Centre

Project value - +/- R4 Million

Successful Management of the entire project.

Duties - Appointing of professionals.  Programming of the works.  Assisting with design.  Preparing and adjudication of tenders.  Co-ordination of professional and site meetings.  Co-ordination of all specialist equipment and medical installations.  Preparing and presenting monthly project management reports to client.  Cost control.  Quality control.  Payments, etc and ensuring maintenance free design and construction.

Project was completed on time and within budget and with good quality

Duration - January 1996 to August 1996


Project - Hayfields Medical Centre

Project value -  +/- R4 Million

Similar to Malvern Medical Centre

Project was completed on time and within budget and with good quality

Duration - July 1996 to January 1997


Project - Nqutu Shopping Centre

Project value - Nqutu +/- R6.5 Million

This was a black empowerment project initiated by Pegasus projects with JHI as Partners.  Was involved in the entire development.

Duties - Appointment and co-ordination of professionals, designs, details, costing’s, negotiations with 3 local black Contractors, assigning each with his own Section of the contract. Project and construction management of the works.  All trades were allocated to locals.  Extensive liaison with the local Forums was essential.  We felt that in terms of upliftment and Empowerment the project was a huge success.  The project was completed within budget and on time.

Duration - May 1996 to January 1997


Project - Nongoma Shopping Centre

Similar project as Nqutu

Project value - +/- R10 Million

Duration - May 1996 to February 1997


Project - Umhlanga Private Hospital

Project value - +/- R67 Million

Duties - Was involved from the first stage of the new development:

  • Land option for feasibility.

  • Geotechnical investigation.

  • Surveys.

  • Design.

  • Project approval.

  • Land acquisition.

  • Professional appointments.

  • Programming.

  • Tender documentation.

  • Tenders.

  • Contractor appointments.

  • Chairing all meetings.

  • Service co-ordination.

  • Co-ordination of all specialist equipment

  • And installations including medical equipment.

  • Preparing and presenting management Reports.

  • Valuations/claims/payments.

  • Quality control.

  • Ensuring maintenance free designs and Construction and keeping costs to a Minimum was essential.

Successfully completed on time and R 7 Million below budget.

Duration - March 1996 to September 1997


Project - Breakerview Bay Trafalgar - Natal South Coast

Project value - +/- R16 Million

Duties - Initiated project myself.

  • Secured option on the beachfront property adjacent to San-Lameer.

  • Assisted Architect with design.

  • Feasibility study together

  • With Robeth projects.

  • Decision to proceed.

  • Had model made for marketing purposes.

  • Shareholder on the project together

  • With Robeth projects & Pegasus projects.

  • Prepared all marketing documentation.

  • Ensuring of maintenance free design and

  • Construction.

  • Council negotiations & environmental

  • Consultant negotiations 

  • Tenders.

  • After required sales were achieved,

  • Appointed contractor and proceeded

  • With construction.

Currently project managing construction

Duration - July 1997 to current


Project - La-Mercy Apartments-(Nurses Homes for the Umhlanga Hospital)

Project value - +/-R4 Million

Developed by Pegasus Projects

Duties - Assisted with the development, Project Management as well as the Construction management on this project.  Successfully completed within budget and on programme

Duration - July 1997 to November 1997


Project - Netcare Hospitals

Project value - +/-R20 Million

Through our relationship with Netcare on the Umhlanga Hospital, we got Involved with the management of projects previously started by CHL and now owned by Netcare.

Duties - The work involves checking of all

  • Existing budgets, cost reports.

  • Re-programming of the works.

  • Previous designs had no thought of

  • Difficult maintenance and practicality

  • As well as no respect for budgets.

  • Costs were continuously overrun with

  • No consideration of the client whatsoever.

  • Currently project managing the same as

Well as keeping tight control on

  • Budgets and ensuring maintenance free

  • Designs, construction and installations.

  • Constant liaison with hospital

  • Management and doctors is ongoing and

  • An integral part of the project.

Duration - January 1997 to 2008



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